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We specialize in QUALITY TRAINED RETRIEVERS. We don’t sell puppies; we don’t sell books, dog food, bowls, stud services, or anything else.  We are the only facility that solely concentrates on selling one thing and one thing only; THE HIGHEST QUALITY FULLY TRAINED RETRIEVERS IN THE COUNTRY AT PRICES WELL BELOW MARKET VALUE. 


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When purchasing that perfect trained retriever,

  • Don't learn the hard way!
  • Let us help you make this difficult decision.
    A well trained retriever is conservation in action. No one likes to waste game, but everyone cripples a bird from time to time. The trained retriever is the best and fastest means of finding crippled birds. Saving you time and effort to do what you really want to do, hunt birds.

Specializing in quality trained retriever's for sale.
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When purchasing a quality animal that will be a companion for much of your life, you really need to know what you're paying for. Some questions you need the answers to are:

  • Do you know what it means when a trained retriever is "out of CHAMPION LINES"?
  • Do you know how to read a pedigree?
  • Do you really need a health guarantee?
  • What is OFA/Cerf?

Basic obedience is the foundation on which a Master Hunter or a Trained Retrieversgreat family pet is made. Traditional basics include "Heel, Sit, Stay and Here."   We look for good manners in the house so your retriever will be welcome anywhere you go whether it be a motel or a friend's living room.




     Field Training: Hunting dogs and Hunt Test dogs need more advanced skills due to the "extreme" retrieves that are part of any normal hunting day afield or under judgment at a Hunt Test.

     Many years of hunting has taught us that a retriever needs to know more than just retrieving. We look for dogs comfortable in the dove field or out to the goose blind as well. If you're a hunter you will want your dog to work out of a boat and a pit blind or lay under a goose decoy until sent to retrieve.

Client Comment

Hello Ted,

     I bought a dog through your service earlier this year.  Just an update, She learned her blinds well and has went 10 for 11 on hunt test earning her SH and a MH pass!  She is a true joy to have in the house.  I am looking for another female of good breeding that is capable of doing MH or has some derby points for Sam Denver, a training partner that is getting back into the dog world.  He had a MH Chessie and would like a lab this time.  He is looking immediately if you find something let me know. Thanks again for helping me find the perfect fit.



Just give us the details of what you're looking for and we'll provide you with a quality trained retriever.


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